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Test Tubes

Job Prospects

Training in the Melacini group prepares you for a career in industry, government, or academia. You will be able to compete for sought-after positions worldwide. Here are some examples of employers of previous Melacini group members:

•    Biogen 
•    Melinta Therapeutics
•    Takeda Pharmaceuticals
•    BayCare Health System
•    SP-Nanobiotech Inc.
•    Evergreen Pacific Insurance Company​

•    Paraza Pharma Inc.

​Professional Schools

  • Medical Schools in Canada and the USA

  • Dentistry and Physiotherapy Schools

•    Health Canada​

•    MIT (PDF)
•    UC Berkeley (PDF)
•    MRC UK (PDF)
•    U. of Minnesota (PDF)

•    U. of Toronto (graduate           students, PDF, Faculty)
•    Peking U. of Beijing (Faculty)
•    Keio U. of Tokyo (Faculty)
•    IIT Mandi (Faculty)
•    IISER Calcutta (Faculty)

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