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About our Group

Being part of the Melacini Research Group (MRG), you have an opportunity to gain and refine widely transferable skills through hands-on training in a variety of fields:

•    protein expression and purification
•    analysis of complex data sets
•    chemical biology
•    drug discovery
•    biologics and biotherapeutics

Our group typically includes 1-3 postdoctoral fellows, 5-10 graduate students, one laboratory manager, and several undergraduate students. MRG members are also involved in several international collaborations (e.g. Dr. S.S. Taylor at UC San Diego, Dr. C. Kim at Baylor College, Dr. X. Cheng at UTHealth, Dr. F. Herberg at the U. of Kassel, Dr. F. Fogolari at the U. of Udine).

MRG members typically find employment in industry, academia, and government. Read more.

How to apply?
-School of Graduate Studies-link

Apply Now
-Now accepting applications (Apply here)


How to join our lab:

I am always interested in considering applications from highly motivated and enthusiastic applicants. If you are interested in joining our group as a graduate student, I can consider applicants who have been admitted to the following graduate programs of McMaster University.

  • Chemistry

  • Sustainable Chemistry 

  • Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences

  • Chemical Biology

Students accepted by one of these programs can work in the Melacini group, depending on the availability of positions at the time the application is processed. Please contact me to check for availability.

If you are interested in joining our group as an Undergraduate Senior Thesis Project or Summer Student, Postdoctoral Fellow, or Visiting Scholar, please e-mail me to further discuss the availability of positions. Note that usually, we don’t accept summer student volunteers.  


Very Important Note: for undergrad and grad students who are already at McMaster prior to joining our lab, please make every effort to attend all required safety training BEFORE actually joining our lab.

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